I started school last Thursday. Mon pere arrive a huit heure, a demain.

I realized today, that I dont like hippies. There is no real reason either. I wrote a silly little rap song... I lay it out for you...

Damn the man.
Population control plan.

You stupid hippies,
with your symbols and headbands.

Your baggy ass pants,
with your love and ragged vans.
I don't love you,
get the hell away, man...

Ideas fucked up.
Youre hair ain't cut.
Close it up, you stupid free love slut.
I don't want your ass, layin on the grass.
All one with nature. Hey, I think I'll pass.

I hate stupid hippies,
with your whale love shit.
Go climb a tree,
ya damn pacifist bitch.

And smoke your bud,
you know? that cheap shwag shit.
Cant get that K.B.,
because you can't afford it.

I sneak little hippies,
duck and stick as I pass by.
Never know its comin,
cause Im camoed in tie-dye.

But, I dont hate you,
there's no reason to get mad.
I just dont like you,
because you always smell bad...


//Begin Commentary. No... no no no... Don't get me wrong. I'm not an asshole... I'm just at one with my inner Chi or some shit... Ah oui... J'suis blanc. C'est vrai... No... Je sais, je sais... C'est la vie. C'est ma vie... sigh...

By the way, everyone who downvoted is a treehugging cogsugin' bitch lovin' shwag smokin' loose blunt rollin' bitch ass mutha fucka... bitch.

Hey yo'. This rap goin' out to that bitchass wannabe mutha fucka, up in Lil' Rock, Central HA! what!? bitch.