Havelock Vetinari. The man who keeps Ankh-Morpork spinning on the edge of a disaster curve, making sure no one person manages to push it over. He was educated by the Assassins Guild – a fact often forgotten by those plotting against him, however it is unknown if he ever accepted contracts against people.

He has been accepted by most of the Guild leaders nowadays, since they feel that he would be worse dead than alive. There have, however, been various attempts to overthrow him:

He has also had to avoid wars, both civil and abroad (with Klatch (Jingo) and with the dwarfs (The Fifth Elephant)). He has always managed to come through, often with the help of his trusty terrier - The Earl of Ankh, His Grace, Sir Samuel Vimes, Commander of the City Watch.

He is generally considered unkillable, the Assassins Guild have placed his fee at one million Ankh-Morpork Dollars, and it is generally considered that the Assassin chosen to do the job would have trouble to find enough flesh in which to put the knife.

He never destroys anything if there is no reason to do so. Among these things are the Palace gardens. These were done by B.S. Johnson (Bloody Stupid) – which include the Ho Ho (like a Ha Ha but 50 feet deep) and beehives big enough to contain a hive of bees bigger than a man. These also include Leonard of Quirm, who’s genius is enough to raze a city to the ground should his mind fall into the wrong hands (not literally).

Lord Vetinari has made Ankh-Morpork is a wonderful place to live (as long as you pay your Thieves Guild fee, and stay out of trouble) and long may he remain in control.