Andrew WK is something of a mystery... He has been hailed as the saviour of Rock and Roll. Others see him as just another over hyped product of the record industry. You have to decide for yourself – but if you enjoy full on and hedonistic music then I can fully recommend him.

Little is known about his past and he seems to enjoy keeping his past secret. See the official web site for a very strange and cryptic biography: However, what is known is his parents are James Edward Andrew and Kristine Williams, he was born in California, and currently lives in Florida. He has been in various bands before his current line up. His first gig was in High school with a band called Lab Lobotomy’. His first “real” record was with Cathode in 1996 (approx).

He has developed a reputation for physical pain – the cover of his current album shows him with blood streaming from his nose (he repeatedly hit himself in the face with a brick to try to later emulate this picture). During the recent London show he stage dived near the end of the set, head butted a member of the crowd (accidentally) and was hospitalised. He also cut his face three times for NME magazine when they asked him to do something “dangerous”

So far he has released two EP’s – “Girl’s Own Juice” and “Party Til You Puke” Neither of these are available any more, both have been deleted from production. He also has an album released in 2001 on Mercury records. The single “Party Hard” is taken from the album. The track listings are as follows:

Girls Own Juice – EP, released on Bulb 1. Girls Own Juice 2. Don’t Ever Stop the Noise 3. We Want Fun 4. Music or Die 5. Make Sex – Also included on the Party Hard single.

Party Til You Puke – EP, released on Bulb 1. Party Til You Puke 2. Party Til You Puke (remix) 3. Party Til You Puke (shout out mix) 4. Dance Party (Anti never ending music mix) 5. I want to Kill (Build it up mix)

I get Wet– Album, 2001 Mercury records 1. It’s time to party 2. Party Hard 3. Girls Own Love 4. Ready to Die 5. Take it Off 6. I Love NYC 7. She Is Beautiful 8. Party Till You Puke 9. Fun Night 10. Got To Do It 11. I Get Wet 12. Don’t Stop Living In The Red