In this dream there were these little pixie women who were maybe 5 inches tall. They were very smart and could do magic. There were also these Shrek-like ogre men, although they were only about 2 feet tall. The ogres were all stupid, but were rumored to have great magical power. The pixies worked together with the ogres to collect food; the ogres would lift the pixies over their heads so they could pick grain. This was all very unfair because the pixies hardly did any work, but the ogres were too stupid to know better.

In this dream I was an ogre. There were three pixies that I took harvesting every day. I fell in love with them because they were very beautiful and smart. One day I picked a small wildflower for them, and held it out to them. As I was standing there, the flower slowly started turning into a beautiful white rose. One of the pixies slowly turned into a gorgeous princess with a white dress, while the other two shrunk away into nothing. At the same time, I began turning into a handsome prince.

When all the changes were complete, the beautiful princess took the rose from me and went to smell it. As she did so, the rose began eating away at her face as if it was burning and she was made of wax. She screamed as she was horribly disfigured. Then I woke up.

I swear I am not making any of this up. I am utterly freaked out. It's as if someone made a fairy-tale parable of my life right now, and made me dream it.