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mission drive within everything
In short, The Code of Chivalry
Im not really monotonous to have many.
"Keep Your Head Up Beautiful, Others Would Kill To See It Fall."
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I Am a living contradiction, I have driven myself to my limits time after time throughout my life, Though desolation seeks to condemn my ever fighting soul I always manage to claw for air fast enough and understand and see the poetry in it all, My will will never be broken, My heart will always get broken, My breath will sometimes waver, my hands will sometimes shake, My lips tremble, My teeth grind, My lids lower in defiance, My touch heal, My embrace warm, For there is always a time for everything......hence Everyone Has a purpose.
You may strive to know me, change me, hurt me, befriend me, love me, hate me, pity me, ignore me, disrespect me, understand me, help me, or relate with me, so I tell you now; do what you will, but take mind what deed your doing to whom you do not know. Do what you will, you will not change me by force, for i am not malleable in your hands.
My thoughts are my own, do not try to invade them, for you will meet with an adversary you'd wish you had not, but do not fear if I welcome you into them.
My opinions are my own so know if I respect yours, I expect you to respect mine, I have an open mind, but i will not be the one labeled belligerent, if you open a discussion I will add my input, but remember an opinion is an opinion.

Okay So Here Are Some Lighter Facts About Me.
*If i was a color id be gray.Though some of my friends say id be lavender.
*If i was an animal id be either a horse or a big cat of some kind. My friends say German Shepard and no i have no idea how they got that.
*If i could be anywhere it be the Irish coast.
*I think deeply about many things that most just dismiss.
*If you think you have finally gotten to know me, ill end up surprising you again.
*I've been hurt many times, three times the blow seemed to be fatal...but "you don't know what strong is until strong is all you can be.."
*My favorite quote is "Keep Your Head Up Beautiful, For Others Would Kill To See It Fall."
*Once You strike my hand in friendship, count me forever among the ones you call loyal.
*Loyalty is more important to me then life. With me my word is MY Word.
*I love poetry and art and music..its what puts the breath in my lungs.
*I have many weird habits, get to know me and you'll discover some first hand.
*I love food, all kinds.
*I adore nature.
*Books are amazing.
*Dancing is swimming on land.
*Animals have souls hearts and minds just as we do.
*Meekness is not a weakness.
*And Never Use LOVE unless You say it in Naked Honesty.