In the year since siren wrote his writeup, Temple Bar has, probably somewhat predictably, developed even more pubs and clubs. Several 'superpubs' are currently under construction, themed to provide for various tastes, all to capitalise on the hordes of drinkers trying to get into full bars on weekend nights.

The drunken stag and hen parties are still here, although many establishments have begun closing their doors to them, either after complaints from locals, or damage to property. First went the stag parties, but now even hen parties are being turned away at some doors. It's worth mentioning that a majority of these parties are made up of people from the UK... not that Irish people are any less obnoxious when drunk... they're probably even more so.

Temple Bar remains the curse of Dublin (at least for women wearing high heels on the uneven cobblestones), and is mostly populated by tourists, market-goers at the weekend, and underage drinkers/stag parties at night. Not a good combination come to think of it.