Title of the second album released by Irish band The Frames. Around the time the album was being recorded, the band received a letter from a lawyer in Washington DC (or some such thing), claiming that, the band name was already taken. Whether out of spite, or actual compliance with the letter, they released the album under the name "The Frames DC". Some hardcore fans still call them "The Frames DC".

The first version released had some slight differences: the songs were in a different order, and there was an additional song called 'Roger', which was the last track. 'Your Face' was then an unlisted track after 'Roger'. This original version is extremely difficult to find nowadays.

The track listing of the album is given below; click on the links for lyrics and explanations

  1. Revelate
  2. Angel At My Table
  3. Fitzcarraldo
  4. Evergreen
  5. In This Boat Together
  6. Say It To Me Now
  7. Monument
  8. Giving It All Away
  9. Red Chord
  10. Denounced
  11. Your Face
  12. (Roger)

Fitzcarraldo is also, as can be seen from above, the title of a song on the above album. One of the songs that they never fail to play, its hauntingly eerie repeated guitar riff fascinates, while the restless rhythmic violin solo towards the end puts the skills of violinist Colm Mac Iomaire in the spotlight. Written by singer/songwriter Glen Hansard after watching a movie of the same name, IIRC. The lyrics are written below, and aren't printed on the liner notes:

Here.. back.. down along and
Straight.. track.. I have chose the
Long.. road.. that leads me out to
God.. knows.. so I can't stop right now

Even the good stars.. can fall from grace and
Fal..ter; lose their faith and slide (slide)
But I can't get a notion
That's deep enough for

My.. day.. is the first of the ascension!
It's a sad.. way.. we've flown after the storm
And her last.. words.. were "I was only thinking of you!"
In my go.. olden days I was a slave

Well now it's time for.. to sound your voice and
Capture.. what you're after
My.. ship.. was sold right up the river
But I'm not goin'

Down here.. this journey isn't over!
It's a long way.. to the house of Fitzcarraldo!
And her last.. words.. were "I'm always thinking of you!"
In my go... olden days I was a saint

(guitar solo)

(Something's happened to me baby since you've left)

Even the good stars.. can fall from grace and falter
Like lap dogs.. that shroud their mystery
And her last.. words.. were "I'll seeya down in history!"
It's the o...only way that we.. can grow
(I shall eclipse you)... yeay!

\violin solo for rest of song\
(It's a long way to Fitzcarraldo!)
(No I don't want to break you!)
(In the name of something true!)
(Woah no no no no no...)