The people

John 'Speedy' Keene - Guitar, Vocals, Drums;
Jimmy McCulloch - Guitar;
Andy 'Thunderclap' Newman - Keyboards;
Jim Avery - Bass;
Jack McCulloch - Drums.

The story

Thunderclap Newman were created in the late 60’s by Pete Townshend (of rock supergroup The Who). In 1969 they released the single “Something In The Air” which caught the mood of the people, and rocketed to #1 in the charts. The single appeared on their one and only album ( See below). Unfortunately it was at this point that their fame ran out, and in the early 1970’s the group split. Jimmy McCulloch joined The Stoned Crows, and Andy Newman released an unsuccessful solo album.

The music

Their only album was Hollywood Dream:

  1. Something in the Air
  2. Hollywood #1
  3. The Reason
  4. Open The Door, Homer
  5. Look Around
  6. Accidents
  7. Wild Country
  8. When I Think
  9. The Old Cornmill
  10. I Don’t Know
  11. Hollywood Dream (Instrumental)
  12. Hollywood #2
  13. Something In The Air (Single Version)
  14. Wilhelmina
  15. Accidents (Single Version)
  16. I See It All
  17. The Reason [ Single Version ]
  18. Stormy Pedtrel