These fragments were all originally connected in some coherent fashion, but I dont know how.

I drove past the courthouse in the rain to the railway gates. To do this I had to drive the car on the two left hand wheels only. When I got there, I couldn't go back because the car wouldn't tip over onto two wheels again. I got a lift back from the railway gates from somebody I knew. He was able to drive back normally.

* * *

I am standing outside a dark, badly varnished door in a vaguely institutional corridor with two people, waiting for something. Suddenly a woman appears, and then collapses. A moment later, more people arrive. A senior member of staff from my old school is among them, and begins performing emergency surgery on her throat. Incidentally he looks, as in real life, just like Captain Black from Captain Scarlet vs. The Mysterons in a bad suit.

When he has finished, we ask him how he knew the necessary medical techniques to save her. He explains that he studied emergency medicine after a friend of his, who was a priest, "Tried to perform the Second Commandment using two candles instead of one, and ... just lost the will to live.".

This led to a brief interlude where two voices discussed either: a) Whether there had ever been a nudist Pope, or possibly b) Whether or not it was possible for the Pope to be naked. This was accompanied by a stick figure with a Bishop's hat doing jumping jacks.

* * *

Tom is unfolding a white paper tissue, which has a tiny red spot on each square that he unfolds. He keeps saying "Oh God, whose blood is this? Whose blood is this? Is it mine?" over and over again, even when we assure him that it isn't his. He continues unfolding the tissue for some time, but the apparent surface area does not increase.

* * *

On a badly tuned TV, which fills my vision:

Narrator: "It's 1984, and America has had just about as much of George W. Bush fever as it can stand."

At the same time, the opening credits of Here's Soooojie! run. It is a chat show hosted by George W. Bush. I know that this is the spearhead of George W. Bush’s election campaign.

Bush is clearly in a drunken stupor. His guest is Bob Hoskins, who looks like he has swallowed a beach ball. For some reason, he appears in black and white. He also looks like he has been drugged. The set is that of the infamous Kennedy-Nixon live TV debate, but done out in a horrible orange/brown colour. The background seems to have some kind of glitter on it. They sit slumped in silence until I wake up.