At age 17, working in a food/drug store as a store closer/semi night manager, I was called to the front of the store one fine evening to resolve a problem with a pair of persistent customers. Working in a place such as this, customers always treat you like dirt. No matter what their problem is, they are always right and you are always dead wrong. People always want to return things that have been opened and used, or whine, yell and complain because they came on the very last day of the sale and the $.99 gallons of bleach are all gone: "Ma'am, I have checked the back room twice now and there is no bleach left, I am sorry but you will have to take a rain check." At this point they always want to talk to "whoever is in charge", who just happens to be me. They leave in disgust, promising to "never shop here again" (if only we could be so lucky...)

Now, back to that fine evening near the end of my pharmacy career. I was called to the front of the store to attempt to placate two angry middle-aged Canadian women. These two were giving our cashier a very hard time because our store did not accept Canadian currency. I do not think they were overjoyed to see that I (a punked out 17 year old) was the "person in charge". At any rate, they certainly expected me to accept their lousy money although it had already been clearly explained to them that we are not allowed to do so. After five minutes of my insisting that we cannot accept their money, and they insisting that we take it, one of them blurts out "This is ridiculous, in Canada we always take your money!" to which I was unable to stop myself from replying, "That's because our money is worth something*!!!" The offended Canadians then said some very nasty things, swore to never shop there again, dropped the merchandise they had intended to purchase onto the counter and stomped out of the store. The other employees present and I all had a good laugh and went back to work.

* $1 Canadian =~ $.60 US

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