Hmm... Should I be disturbed now?

Aerogel: "An ounce of aerogel has the surface area of 10 football fields". Where DO we find the room for all our aerogel?

Harbour Town Golf Links: "In the area of two football fields sit the first and 10th tees, ninth green, putting green, driving range, clubhouse and hospitality tents, not to mention the pathway to other holes." Woah, woah, and why are we using that space for golf?

New Northwestern Memorial Hospital: "Building contains floor area of 44 football fields." But floored football fields make for poor areas indeed...

Rainforests, Office Buildings, Continents, Planets, Golf Courses, Schools Sites, Hot-air Balloons, Chemical Substances, Paper Products, Disk Space, giant AIDS Quilts… what's that in football fields, you say?

BTW: The regulation NFL football field is 120 yards long and 52 & 1/3 yards wide.

Handy Conversion Table:
1 football field   =   5351 square meters
1 square meter     =   1.869e-4 football fields