Dima is a Russian games designer/programmer now resident in England with an extensive knowledge of 8086 assembler as well as Pascal, Fortran, etc.

An original designer of puzzle/strategy games, Dima's presentation is both professional and attractive. Troika, a compilation of 3 highly addictive games for the PC was published by Paragon Software Corporation in the States and the Japanese rights were acquired by Acclaim, Japan.

Dima's first Windows games entitled sportsballs, were published by Acclaim, Japan and two of these, Jezzball and Maxwell's Maniac, were acquired by Microsoft and included in its Entertainment Pack for Windows. Dima wrote the MPC version of the Douglas Adams book Last Chance to See for Multi Media Corporation. For Microsoft, Dima developed Arcade, five classic arcade games universally recognised for their authentic game-play (and hugely successful), a graphic engine, and, Return of the Arcade, another massive seller for Microsoft.

Dima’s latest original game for Windows entitled Krazy Bus, has been licensed by Pure Entertainment and will be available on its Freeloader web site. Currently, Dima is working on a new puzzle game which he’s developing in Java.

Most of this information was provided by Marjacq Media. ( http://www.marjacq.com).