I often play a game I call "The Theory Game." The main objective is to think of a statement that is somewhat ridiculous and see whether or not it is possible to prove, or for that matter, to disprove. The best statement so far made by someone was that time did not actually exist in the sense that we know it. In reality everything from the big bang until now has lasted about a hundreth of a second and we only perceive time because our brains simply would not be able to comprehend in any other way.

The easiest way to prove this is to go into the idea that humans are chemical reactions. When the reaction is completed the human dies. The theory that there are infinite dimensions also would come into play. This way it is possible to state that with each slight change in the chemical reaction (or the actions of the person) the length of the reaction may change (their fate may change). In some dimensions the person dies, but in others the person is fine and well. Aging can be seen also as just finishing out a chemical reaction. This game is best played in groups of at least two people and it is best if the people at least have the slightest idea what it is they are talking about. Matters of religion are also best to be left out if possible. In general this game is simply meant as a way of passing time in a more interesting fashion than staring at your watch.