I have been best friends with Jess for five years. I never asked her to be my best friend, it just happened over time, and I'm glad it did. Over the past five years her family has become my family, we've gone on family vacations together, I even call her mom Stepmom as a joke. Her family is very religious and is responsible for most of my beliefs today because they were the first people who preached anything other than atheism to me, which I believed in for most of my life. We have been though everything together, from bad relationships, her parents' divorce and my father's cancer scare to happier times, like a week in beautiful Florida. We did not start out alike, but after a while we even had similiar speech patterns as well as almost identical views on every subject.

I realized that things changed between Jess and I a few months back when she started looking through me instead of at me, speaking at me instead of to me. For a long time I thought that I had done something wrong, said or hadn't said something and that was why our conversations had become so akward. Victoria's Secret and planning dates seemed about as interesting to me as my theory game seemed to her. She did blame me for a few things, but we both know that I never did them. After a few weeks she even started ignoring me when we were in a group of friends. I couldn't figure out why suddenly I had a stranger for a best friend. We both had changed a lot, the funny thing is I was the last one to notice it.

At first I was upset, but I see now that I have no reason to be. I know now that Jess didn't accuse me of things because she felt I had done them, but because she wanted a blamable reason for our distance. It's easier to fix something when all someone has to do is change a little than when no one can be blamed and nothing can be done. I am glad that she has friends that love Victoria's Secret and talking about their boyfriends and fashion because I wouldn't want her to miss out on what she likes simply because I don't. I also admit I am enjoying talking to new people and with each opinion I give I see how much I really have changed. I am finding myself with ideas and opinions on things I never even knew I thought about. Jess and I are starting to talk more again. People change, friendships change, I'm very glad though that people changing doesn't mean that friendships have to end.