Twitch gaming is a form of entertainment which uses the reflexive, instantaneous-response portion of the brain. So named because of the short-rapid jerking motions most hardcore gamers exhibit, nearly all games falling into this category are video games; however, there are a unique select few which defy this criteria, such as Snap.

Twitch games, though fairly narrow in description, have an alarmingly dedicated following. Genre's can range anywhere from Side-scrolling Blasters, to First Person Shooters to Rhythm and Music games. Popular and unique titles include Unreal Tournament, Counter Strike, FreQuency, and Silpheed, as well as many more. There are also a number of games which couple twitch reactions with strategy elements, the most popular arguably being Warcraft 3.

What makes Twitch games stand apart from the other games is the constant immersion required in order to achieve success; movement is quick, and the feedback immediate. This works to keep the user actively engaged by indulging the "instant gratification" trigger.

But more importantly, Twitch gaming is more a delicate art than a science of technicalities.

When things become intense, a twitch gamer will begin to Flow; all extraneous distractions are shut out (often with the aid of a nice pair of surround headphones), and the player enters a strange trance. Adrenaline levels begin to mount, and chemical reactions begin to explode somewhere in the primal recesses of the mind. The eyes become fixed on an imaginary point somewhere between the retinas and the screen, and facial tics and other nervous, unconcious gestures sometimes begin to manifest.

If you've never tried it, it comes heavily recommended; very little can beat the natural high of giving someone a flak cannon facial, or pulling a huge combo streak out of your ass.