The Ardennes is the older of the two breeds of heavy draught horse in Belgium.

Marshal Turenne expressed his admiration for the Ardennais horses. They also won praise from Napoleon, when, during the war of 1812, they proved to be the only horses capable of dragging his artillery across difficult country.

There are very few Ardennais horses of the old type left; the modern breed has been influenced by the Belgian Draught Horse. The present day Ardennes is a stocky animal, standing between 15,1 and 15,3 hands high. The Ardennes is an especially economical feeder, and is noted for having an extremely kind nature. It is particularly suitable for work in hilly districts. The Belgian breed is mostly found in Luxembourg, Liege, and Namur.

The usual colours are sorrel, roan, bay, and chestnut.

The full name by which it is known to the French-speaking world is la race de trait Ardennaise.