I'm not sure if it's really specific to Sun Microsystems, but I've only seen it on their keyboards: I
absolutely hate that thrice-damned layout variant that has the Control and Caps Lock key switched! It's absolutely braindead! In addition, those keyboards usually don't have the Backspace key where you expect it (top right corner of the main key block), instead the apostrope is there, with the backspace key beneath it. What kind of moron comes up with a keyboard layout that has two of the most often used keys in the wrong places?

OK, i've been told that the layout with Ctrl to the left of A was apparently standard before the advent of the IBM PC. Well, times have changed, and nowadays 95% of all keyboards have Ctrl on the lower left corner. Clinging to the old layout is just stupid when almost all users will have to use the new one most of the time.