A TV show on PBS and a computer game by Broderbund.Both center on chasing Carmen Sandiego and her lackeys around the world.

On the TV show,three contestants would be given trivia questions about where Carmen's henchmen has gone with the stolen loot, which was usually some important (and sometimes rather large) object. The two contestants with the highest scores would go on to Round Two,where they would have to pay a Concentration-like game to get the crook, the warrant,and the loot.The one who did will move on to Round Three where they would navigate through a series of arches representing various places on Earth.Carmen Sandiego would ask a question at each one,answer correctly and you could continue on to the next arch. Answer wrong and you'd have to open the gate manually (which took longer). Get through all of Carmen's questions before the timer ran out and you won the grand prize.

The PC game had you as a member of Interpol, chasing the members of VILE around the world, asking locals for information about the crook and and looking for clues. You fed data given to you by people you interrogate into the Interpol computer,which would spit out a warrant for a criminal,which you needed to bag the crook. You progresses through the game,going through the ranks and eventually nabbing Carmen Sandiego herself!

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herbman: Yes, there was a space game,I've played it before as part of my computer class at Holy Name School.