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This is the tale of a young man and a tug of war between Proserpina and Venus.

Venus had loved Adonis since he was a baby, and decided that the boy would be hers. But she either because she couldn't care for the child or because she was too damn lazy, she asked Proserpina, Queen of the Dead, to play mother for her. Well, after many years the lonely Proserpina became rather close to Adonis and when Venus came to get him she refused, even after Venus came into the Underworld and asked in person. Finally Jupiter stepped in and came up with a compromise. Adonis would spend Autumn and Winter with Proserpina and summer and spring with Venus.

Well one day when Adonis was with Venus, she took him out in her beautiful chariot that traveled with great speed and greater ease. But one day Venus was unable to go hunting with Adonis, and it was that day that he met up with a boar! He sicked his dogs on them and fired at the beast, but hardly hurt the beast, which then tore Adonis to bits in its tusks. Venus heard the boy's cries and rushed to be at his side only to find him dying. She gave him one last kiss as he died. Echo, the Muses, and the Loves all mourned his death, but Adonis could hear none of this in the Underworld.