Warning! Warning! Sad little spiral notebook-type writeup ahead!

Ah, another lousy day at that institution of higher learning known as Riverdale High.

How so you ask? I was told by one of the many people who hang out by the gazebo that I'm not welcome there, and that I should leave. It's funny. Everyone in there is crazy in some way, but when someone (myself) who's also crazy (but in a different way) comes along I am ignored. I don't shout out for attention, I'm not yelling "LOOK AT ME!!!!" I'm just wanting to have a good time and hang out with other people. Is it because I don't do pot? Or because I don't really like the same music or believe in witchcraft or something? What do you want from me?

Oh well. Yet another group I don't fit in with. Guess I'll just have to keep looking. I'll figure it out one of these days.

End of sad little writeup