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Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, fighting for just causes. This is the story of the mortal girl who dared to challenge her.

Arachne was one of the girls who had learned to weave from Minerva herself (she was also skillful at the pottery wheel) People from all around came to see her crafts. From the vast amount of fame she had picked up from her recognition, she went on an ego trip and boasted she was better than Minerva. This put a nasty dent in Minerva's pride, so she decided to do something about it. She came to earth as an old woman and tried to get Arachne to stop boasting so much. Arachne demanded that Minerva herself come and settle the problem. Minerva was infuriated, ripped of her disguise and challenges Arachne to a weaving contest. Minerva creates a beautiful tapestry with perfect knots and shining colors. Arachne had also created a lovely work, but to Minerva's disgust, it was an insulting parody of Jupiter and his many wives. She shredded the tapestry and turned Arachne to a spider, telling her vainglorious girl, go on and spin your thread and weave your empty net forever.

This is the reason scientists call spiders arachnids and why spiders weave beautiful webs.