Life has been interesting of late.

For one, a few days ago, something very rare happened here in Murfreesboro, TN. One: it snowed rather heavily. Two: I was offered a job at my neighbor's Internet startup. That's right, I, a 15 year-old, high school nut who thinks he used to live on a space station, was offered a job. Let me explain:

He told me he was starting a new company around an idea that the venture capitalist group that is willing to fund him said they have never heard proposed before. I'm not allowed to describe it here (it's kind of hush-hush), but what I can say is that he (my neighbor's brother) asked me to help develop the software part of this whole thing. This is good in many ways: I'll learn XML and how to code for hand-held devices and I'll get a share in the company if the V.C.'s think the whole thing will fly.


So that's one neat thing. Second neat thing: I have become attracted to the girl I went out with two years ago. It's not jsut a physical wanting either...we're both basicly nuts, when we're together...well, things tend to break down and we both wind up making fools of ourselves.

I really reall like her. WhetherI love her...well, I'm only 15, ok? Ask me that again in 6 years or so.

One problem (of course. There's always *one problem*) - she's already going out with someone. Someone who could very easily kill me if I were to cross him, even when I'm spazzing out and going absoulutly bezerk (you'd have to ask my friends, as I've never really fully spazzed out here before. Maybe once when Dem Bones wanted me to write him some pr0n, but that's a whole different story.). So what do I do? Just wait? Ask her? *Argh!* My poor throbbing mind.

Nothing more to say. I'm going to shut up now and quit dumping my issues on you. Good night.