See, Matthew has a social life after all...(well, sort of)

I'd been hesitating about it all day. After classes, I finnaly got myself to stop worrying about something so small and asked my friend Jenna out on a date this weekend. To my surprise, she said she would (and that she'd bring a friend of hers...more people is more fun). My god it feels good tobe able to actually ask a girl out...maybe I'm finnaly getting over that antisocial thing.

Probably not. But it's good to dream, eh?

I also found out my design for the Young Artists and Writers Society T-shirt will be used...Yeah! I spent untold hours trying to draw it well plus an hour or so of work in Paint Shop Pro to make it look extra-spiffy. Feels good to know I've done something cool.

Anyway, that's all. Oh, and I'm an edev member, but you don't care about that. Exams are starting to appear over the horizon, time for me to not worry about them. Till tomorrow then.