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Onwards and upwards people, stop moaning!!
Being happy even when all around seems to turn to shit :)
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As the world creates more complicated things, I do my best create more simplistic solutions.

As a European citizen living and DJing in London (where they proudly claim to not be a part of Europe) I have a slightly different slant on life which seems to be of benefit around here. Life has its ups and downs people, just remember to fight for yourself.

Whats been stirring around my brain recently: YOU LOT OUT THERE

In this wonderful town, everyone speaks fast, moves fast, thinks fast, eats fast and seemingly has no time for anything that can't be condensed into a 10-second slot in their lives. I see people who have been commuting for years in and out of the city, and I look at them in utter pity and loathing too I guess.

Faces looking like prunes, eyes heavy with worry and anxiety. Life seems to have become a prison sentence for all of you.

I mean whats it all in aid of? Why are you doing this to yourselves? What are you gaining through doing this? Surely there's more to life than this??

So whats life all about then you smart-arsed DJDK?

Well its about being happy. Plain and simple.

Now stop your fast paced life for just one goddam minute and actually clear your thoughts and engage your brain. Just for 1 minute. Ok, you calm now? No really I'm serious just chill for a second, the monitor isn't gonna bite you ok!

Good... Now ask yourself, if money, time, youth, whatever was not an obstacle, I mean if nothing in the world had the power to hold you back, kids, wife, husband, obligations, just forget it all for a moment, if there were no obstacles...what would you wish to do?

- A holiday perhaps? Hmm, not very imaginative.

- Ok maybe you want to have some peace and quiet in a mountain chalet?

- Perhaps you always wished to visit a country on the other side of the world?

- Whats that, you wished you were a goat-herder in Chile?

- How about just the idea of raising a happy family, but you're alone right now?

These are all good thoughts. But hey I don't know what you want so you know your own crazy shit that you want!
None of them are wrong, and I'm sorry to shock you, non of them are unobtainable. Wait, wait I understand money can be an issue, but not in most cases. It doesn't have to be a life-long change. I'm suggesting you try to live your dream ... but check this out - this is the kicker...

As stupidly ridiculous as it sounds, the biggest hurdle to doing what you always wanted is your own mind, its telling you its not possible, that you don't have time or money or the right knowledge or whatever. Damn it - tell you mind to go get screwed for a second! Just imagine, juuuuuuust imagine you could be there, living your dream. Imagine it for a second, it won't do your brain any harm. It didn't to mine anyway hehe (err yeh doctor 5 more minutes plz)

If you can see youself doing it and accccctually get up and do something about it (yes I just lost 97% of the audience right there I know) then its possible you can acheive it.

Ok enough bullshit, your 10-second life has just had a 1 minute abridged gap and for that I apologise, I understand that you have far more vital things to do in your life than be happy. Far far more important things...

DJDK, Dec 2002