I woke up this morning, like I do every morning. Just habit, I guess. I went into the kitchen, made myself a quick breakfast shake, and drank it while I waited for the shower water to heat up. I got in, the temperature was perfect. I was out of the house right on time, I made it to work right on time. I'm slowly dying, right on time.

Sure I'll help you with your problems. Yes, I'll gladly listen to your troubles. Go ahead, my shoulder's free, cry on it. Criticize me, berate me, hate me if you'd like, my friend. I don't mind. You're a good friend. You keep me humble. You kill me, too.

And you, my love. You betrayed me all that time ago. I forgive you. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's my fault. Take that furrow off your brow; put it on mine. You're too beautiful to feel guilty. I'm glad we're friends now.

I can feel blood dripping down from my wrist, to my pant leg, to my office chair, to the carpet. I wonder how I'll get that stain out. Oh, that was just a hair tickling me. Well, it felt like blood, anyway.

The sun just went down. The sky went pink, and orange, and red, and all the beautiful colors that skies like to go. Thanks, sky. I liked that.

Now it's dark. Not the real dark. Just city-dark. I miss real dark. You were always with me in real dark. I miss you now.

Am I dreaming? Everything feels so light. My eyes won't quite focus. Maybe it's just early. I'm sure I'll be fine after I get something to drink. Mmm, water. Tastes like...nothing at all. Just like water. My eyes still won't focus. Oh, well. I've done all this before.