- Where Great Minds Collide

Founded by the enigmatic "Manu", this bulletin-board cult was established sometime in the early second millenium. Members of the elitist regime reportedly engage in ritualistic discussion, debating, and debauchery, as well as other such ninnery best not described here. In an effort to learn more about them, this reporter went undercover as a "DAite", and attempted to catalogue their ways.

What I discovered was shocking, if somewhat "hella cool" in nature. The site is separated into eight main sects, each with individual subdivisions called "forums". Initially, I believed these to be mere denominations of the same paganistic belief system, but upon closer inspection, much to the contrary was revealed.

  • General Discussion

    • The Lounge
      This is the place for all off-topic discussions and random stuff. Pretty much a 'Lite' version of the Everything Forum, so try to behave.

    • The Whine Cellar
      Need to vent? Need to rant? Do it here! Co-worker pissing you off? Bad boss? Bad friend? Sorry, cheese sold separately.

    • Alternate Reality - The PhotoChop Shop
      Show your mad skillz in this dedicated image-alteration forum. It's also possible to post a request if you need something photochopped..

    • The Everything Forum
      The name says it all. This forum contains material that is inappropriate for younger people and those that are easily offended. Access is granted by request

  • Member Journals

    • DiscussAnything Member Journals
      Get your very own *free* DA Member Journal! Share your thoughts, feelings, emotions with the rest of the world in this online diary thingy.

  • Arts, Culture, and History

    • Arts, Entertainment & Music
      Discuss things you saw on TV, post a review about a concert you've been to, complain how the mummies in the movies are much cooler than those they had in the museum, etc...

    • History Discussion
      Discussion various aspects of history. Talk about accuracy, controversy, or just ask questions!

    • Jokes, Fun Facts, Polls & Questions
      Post questions about anything. Post facts, jokes, funny pictures, weird polls etc.

  • In The News

    • Political Debate
      Get yer guns out, coz it's a frikkin' warzone in here.....

    • In The News
      If you run into any news that you feel is interesting, share it with us. This includes news from everywhere in the world, as long as it's not about science, technology, music, films, art or politics ;)

    • The 'Big' Debates
      Death Penalty? Pro-life or Pro-choice? Does God exist? Discuss them in here, but don't expect to ever resolve anything ;)

    • Science & Technology
      From fire to the wheel, science and technology have made life easier. Now if only we could find a way to make things not stick to frying pans.

    • Issues: Let's Take Action
      Have you been wronged? Do you see an injustice? Want to do something about it? Want to bring about change? Post your petition, boycott, and requests for letters here.

  • Personal Wellness

    • Personal Health, Wellness, & Spirituality
      DiscussAnything from Health & Wellness to Employment & Careers to Religion & Spirituality.

    • Relationships & More
      Is your ex stalking you? Do you need advice on how to approach the girl next door? Need to vent on how you don't understand the opposite sex?

  • Electronics

    • Computer Discussion & Help Desk
      This is a good source of computing news, and also the right place to come for help on a wide range of computer related problems you might encounter. And we all know those are limitless! Stupid computers.....

    • Gamers Haven
      Are you stuck in a game? Chances are we can't help you but we want to be able to laugh at your misfortune! This includes all gaming platforms and games. Or just discuss recent games with other addicts.

  • Hobbies Etc

    • Cars & Bikes Discussion & Tech Help
      Need help on how to install those new subframe connectors? Need to know what on earth that means? Check it out, right here, right now.

    • Sports
      Discuss any sports from high school to college to profession and from Athletics to um, zwimming...

    • Hobbies
      Discuss anything from board games to radio controlled cars to painting to pets, but don't talk about painting your pets, because that's just wrong...

  • Site Information | Support | Feedback

    • Support, Feedback & Testing
      Help us improve the site for you! Post suggestions, comments or questions. You can also use it to test sigs, avatars etc. NOTE: You do not need to be registered to post here.

    • S.T.A.F.F
      Special Tactical Action Force Forum..... nah, actually it's just the staff-forum, and it's pretty boring :(

    (These descriptions were taken directly from the web site. Don't blame me if you never sleep again.)

    The sense of community is deceptively prevalent among most members, a common symptom of cult obsession. The roster of common members includes converts from StangNet and RATM Discussion Forums, with several generations of referrals, as well as many who have merely stumbled onto the site looking for a place to be heard. They find themselves immediately welcomed and given a place to rant to their souls' content, or, if female, "leghumped".

    Long-time members can be found debating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. Also, they really like Star Wars. And sex. And spirituality. And sex. Also: fornication and coitus. All these things are argued at length in the many forums above described.

    All in all, not for the timid soul, nor the fool seeking new stomping grounds. is a dangerous addiction, for it is everything its motto claims it to be, a place where great minds collide.