Circa de noon o'clock, kefabi and I met up at Of the Taco to discuss life, love, and Everything. Then there was driving. Actually, first there was traffic, but driving followed soon after. I had printed out two copies of Mapquest directions, which mysteriously burst into flames as soon as we hit the freeway. Luckily, I still had kefabi's shiny ass to follow. Good thing, too. Apparently, the Mapquest directions were designed to take me to Outer Mongolia, via the Bering Strait. Last I looked, my 4runner lacked amphibious travel capability.

Finding Firebase Igloo wasn't difficult. There were these little numbers on the sidewalk that we had intended to follow until we found somebody to tell us where it was. Luckily, one of those numbers had a Chinese lamp above it, and we used the light from it to traingulate the exact position of the house, which was about the scariest thirty feet of my life. Casa de Igloo is situated on the side of a hill, conveniently hidden from the hustle and bustle of the street, yet also conveniently located within streaking distance of the I-5.

My first impression of the house was that it was flammable, very flammable. Made entirely of oil-soaked kindling, I needed a minute to make the voices stop before I could step through safely. Once inside, it was like walking into the chill room of a trance club. A stereo softly played The Song Remains the Same as noders from around the multiverse stood, sat, or genuflected, waxing wise about this or that topic. I made myself known to the world via the sign-in sheet and some friendly shaking of hands(to show that I was not armed). The initial discomfort and intimidation faded as I stepped outside of Quizro's aura of enlightenment, to the (deck, patio, smoking room, aural orgy) and proceeded to addict myself to the world's most infamous flora.

Kef and I tended to stick together through most of the night, mainly because I had planned to use him as a meat shield in case things got ugly. Things didn't. Things were great. People were great. The night was great. True cliques never actually formed, as they tend to do at parties where all the guests actually know each other. The only thing that ever separated one group from another was smoking. No smoking inside. Factgirl's got it down.

WARNING: This is the part of the aftermath node where I ostracize myself by mentioning some names and not others. Please drive through.

WolfDaddy - I have to mention you first. You made the biggest impression, you bummed a cig or two, and you gave me a hi-5. You are the essence of Brain Candy. Even though the East Coast noders smoke more weed, they sure can't say they smoke it better.

IglooWhite - You sir, are the King of Swing. You invited us into your home, told a grip of great stories, had more idiomic comebacks than I ever could have hoped for, and bombed not one joke all night.

Quizro - We never did duke it out over the nature of our world. Nothing wrong with that. I'd eventually have to admit that I'm really a Taoist, and then my credibility would be shot. While you may say, "Who let the dogs out?" I say, "Let them run." Also, if I may say so, you look nothing like a Quiet Riot CD, as I was led to believe.


PaladinZ - You'll always be black in my book, no matter what reality says.

Akasha - "You guys are gonna smoke pot? I'd better make more pumpkin bread!" You were already gone by the time I responded with: "Is she married?" Tres cool.

Chras4 - Santa Clarita mom. Your son is safe, as long as he doesn't eat the food. (Your prose glose)

Roninspoon - You were both cool and scary at the same time. I think you were scary because you were so cool.

Factgirl - I think everybody has already said this about you but, I wish you were my mom.

Fuzzy and blue - You were at once fuzzy and blue, and yet neither fuzzy nor blue. Good show, girl noder. Good show.

Peter (Jongleur) - You couldn't have been more entertaining if you were hired. ...You weren't hired, were you?

Panamaus - I figured it out. You have the gift of being funny every time you say something. You are indeed wise to use your gift in moderation.

I wish I had more to say, but I spent a lot of the gathering contemplating my navel, and time got away from me. I certainly feel closer to the E2 Community now than I have since that one incident. The one with the scarring. Yeah. Kenata knows.