An idealistic quote attributed to amelinda.

Although a worthy goal, complete honesty is an impossible ideal due to the very nature of language. When I talk to you about the hoop-a-joob I saw on the street, you might have a different conception of what the heck a hoop-a-joob really is. Your hoop-a-joob might be what I think of as a how-zee-dig. It is also impossible not to commit the sin of omission whenever you speak with somebody else. Because you cannot tell somebody all the various and sundry details of your life story, you will always leave something out.

Since complete and honest represtation of yourself and your beliefs is impossible, the best approximation a person can have to being totally honest is to not consciously misrepresent themselves. For example, it's fine and dandy for Bill Clinton to believe that he didn't have sex with Monica Lewinsky. However, when talking with people who he knows don't share that same definition of sex, to say that there was no sex in the White House is a lie.

Although many people believe this statement to be absoposolutely ridiculous and that lying is a daily necessity, there are some who believe this to be an ideal worth upholding.

On a personal digression, I believe that the only reason there are people who are afraid of honesty is because they are surprised by honesty when they see it. If when a friend asks me "Does this dress make me look fat?" or "Do you think a wild emu would make a good conversation piece?", I am going to give my honest answer. I once thought, why hurt friends when you could tell a white lie, and she and I could both go merrily on our way. But...then, she might think wrongly that she's looking good, when in fact that dress really does make her look a wee bit on the pudgy side. Not that it should matter, I'd think, *grin*, but...if I ask a question, I want truth. If I'm fat, I'm fat. But, some people react violently when faced with a truth they can't handle. I think lies just make people have a harder time understanding the reality around them, who they are, and what people think of them, and it breaks down whatever chance we have at truthful, honest, and open communication that helps us connect better to the people around us that we care about. If everybody told the truth, people would have a better time dealing with reality and not have to be straining to peer through the clouds of the half-truths of our friends to see reality shining through. *smile*