The sleepy sunlight dripped in luxuriously through the broken window pane of our small cottage and pooled in small rivulets along the floor. As the invisible cock crowed in the adjoining barnyard, it seemed to be another sleepy day of invisible farming. But reality hit me as surprisingly as a silent stampede of invisible elephants and I was startled into the realisation that today was the day. The day when my life - my life as I knew it - would be over.

The others had been taken away. There were no more now save my husband and I and the few chickens and invisible roosters that were left in our village. The horde had killed them. Killed them all. Indiscriminately. Horribly. I knew they were dead, because I could see their corpses, lying abused in the dusty street. You could only see them when they were dead, that was when they became visible. I thought of all the poor wives, taken away, or killed by the Horde, who would never get to see the faces of their husbands that they had loved so dearly.

Nobody knew where the Horde had come from. Nobody would probably ever find out, if we were the last. One day, maybe a few moons ago, if I kept my count correctly, they came yelling and screaming into our village. You could see the invisible Horde coming by the huge cloud of dust that their running feet kicked up as they scampered violently towards us. The first time they came was bizarre in a horribly violent surreal sort of way, like we were coming out of a dream. They didn't kill everybody, but those they did kill died horribly. The men, once virtuously and honorably invisible, were torn into this world with bloodied limbs and looks of petrified terror. But...they only killed those who tried to kill them: those people with the knowledge of how to fight the invisible Horde.

These thoughts rushed through my head, and I leaned over to check if Xavier was still in bed. Fuck! He was gone. I was lost on what to do. The memory of last night's bedroom revelation washed over me. Xavier had always been a peaceful farmer. That's why I had loved him so much. He had been one of those kind souls for whom any violence was a total waste. His only wish was to spend life tending invisible sheep and growing his invisible cacti. But...the strain of the entire village being decimated got to him. It had managed to plant the seed of violence deep within his once gentle heart. He had planned revenge, and had a revelation on how to fight the invisible men. I had cried. He refused to tell me what he had learned in fear of my life.

Oh Xavier, what have you come to? Who have you become? Where have you gone? I will never see the face of the man who had loved me for so long. He will forever be but an invisible spectre of my memory.

I had come close to killing him last night. Killing out of love, or maybe mercy. I knew the Horde would get him. The Horde left nobody unscathed. He could have died a quick death at my hands. I could have seen his face. But, he's gone. Gone forever. The overcast clouds overhead fly by, and I know the Horde is coming. They won't take me. I don't know enough.

If Xavier were so lucky.