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Revolutionary Girl Utena
Character: Chu-Chu

Chu-Chu is the requisite cute animal in Revolutionary Girl Utena. Much like Ryo-ohki from Tenchi Muyo, Chu-Chu does little more than run around making cute noises which largely consist of the syllable "Chu". Chu-Chu spends all of his time being cute, sleeping, and eating. He has an incredible appetite and if left alone with food will undoubtedly eat it all. He looks rather like a blue mouse with huge Dumbo-esque ears. He has an earring in his left ear and wears a red and yellow striped tie. He also has a long mouse-ish tail.

Chu-Chu is Anthy's best friend and is slightly resentful when Utena tries to get Anthy some "real" friends. However, Chu-Chu gets along surprisingly well with Utena. Chu-Chu follows along wherever Anthy goes.

Despite looking very much like a mouse, Chu-Chu is in fact a monkey. This is apparent in Episode 8 where at the end, there is a quick cut of Chu-Chu/Saionji high up in a tree saying "chu" and eating something... much like a monkey rather than a mouse.