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*hack* *hack* *cough* I definitely have been coming down with something these past few days. I know a bunch of other people who are sick (*accusing glare at Duchess*) and either I've just caught what everybody else has or I'm spreading it to all my friends and that's how I know everybody who has it. *mgrin* *blush*

You ever notice how you can tell you're going to be sick? I had that feeling about two or three days ago. I wasn't feeling bad yet, but I had a little tingling in the back of my throat that said a sore throat was coming on. I don't know if this is a common occurance to everybody, but I attribute my "sore throat spider sense" to my experience back in sixth grade. During the sixth grade I had a routine of strep throat. It was almost funny it was so routine.

Day 1: Get Strep throat
Day 2: Be sick, stay home from school, because contagious
Day 3: Start Medicine
Day 4: Feel better, keep taking medicine
Day 17: Two weeks of medicine run out
Day 18: Yay! No Medicine, no strep throat!
Day 19: Still doing well!
Day 20: Nope, oh crap, strep throat again!

This routine literally repeated itself for almost the entire year until I had my tonsils taken out. That solved the problem, but to this day sore throats don't bother me hardly at all, and I have an acute sense of when they're going to hit me.

Other than that, class as usual, wasting my life away in perpetual class. Classes with bad teachers and dry material. It's not that I don't like learning...but I've never found anything that turns me off to learning more than some teachers here. More marching band practice as usual. We're trying to learn the entire half time show in two or three days. I should probably find the music for that *mgrin*.

Our anime club got hit by a deluge (or seeming to me) of people last night. It was our first meeting. We watched a lot of cool stuff (Orphen, Rose of Versailles, Kare Kano) but there were soooooo many people there. We normally have about 30 regulars (at most!) but there were easily 60 people there last night. I walked in late and just boggled at the huge crowd of people. Though that makes for a wonderful thing, it will make it even harder for us to travel to restaurants en masse *mgrin*.