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Today has been a very blah day for me. I have accomplished almost nothing of value save emailing a lot of friends that I needed to. I guess in part that's a very worthwhile thing to do, but I feel sometimes like I could spend my life in better ways. This recurring thought, which comes often to me, I always realize is hypocritical, because I know how much I enjoy conversation. So enjoying it, but feeling like I am just pining my life away mulling over randomness. I guess that's all there really is, tho.

IM is sucking my life away. I've gone through a migration between ICQ and IRC to IM to back to ICQ and then finally back to IM. All of which because of how well any program logged conversations at one point. Not that I'm obsessive about saving conversations or anything (*blush*) but more that I just like to keep a record of things. It's also nice to know that when I'm having a really good or momentous conversation that it will be there to look at the next time I use my computer. *smile* But, now that I'm back on IM that too many people I know use, I end up sitting here trying to node, or write email, or do something and I just end up talking to lots of people. It's not a bad thing, just I'm never sure how to balance it against other things.

I never know exactly what to write in a Day Log. I have this issue with my own journal. I thought once about writing some sort of public journal in the same way that Jenni from the JenniCam does. It wasn't that I didn't want people to know what went on in my life, but more that my life is tied up with the people around me. I might not mind writing about my life, but it's rude to say the least to write personal things about other people without their permission. So, for me, a Day Log is my random thoughts for any day, boiled down to avoid anything personal regarding other people. It seems...dry...almost, to say it that way. But...I want to write about me, to force myself to put coherent thoughts down about what happened, but...it seems a farce of what I actually have to say.