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Heh, yet another Day Log filled in after the fact. I always feel too busy during the day to take the time to node what I'm doing. If I have something to node, I go do that, and then go back to doing whatever else I was doing. I always feel like something else is going to happen during the day, and I'll just node it all later. My personal journal tends to do this too. I'll not write for a day or two, and then have a deluge of things to write about. I almost wish I could record my thoughts as I went through life, and not try to put them back together piecemeal and overanalyzed into some sort of semicoherent whole.

Today I learned to appreciate randomness. That having unexpected things happen can be wonderful. Having had a long distance relationship before, I can fully say that having friends and people you love being far away can be fulfilling in it's own right. However, there's something to be said for having your friends very close to you.

Today I was hanging out. I wasn't really doing much, other than trying to learn how to install and setup (and later, uninstall *mgrin*) NFS and how to set up my ftp site the way I wanted it to be. Just being geeky, hanging out in my room (still a single. *HAPPY*). But, I was talking with a friend online, and randomly went to go get a smoothie with her, and to go to the comic book store. Later that night, I ended up randomly going to Chili's at midnight for appetizers with her and another friend.

Well, I had planned to go for Indian food instead. (no offense at ALL Duchess). The reason I could go to Chili's was because a trip for Indian food fell through. I wasn't bothered at all, mostly because it was almost expected. Why expected? Maybe I have bad Indian food karma or something, but whenever anybody asks me to go for Indian food, it always ends up falling through. *boggle* If this were but a one or two time thing, I might write it up to coincidence. But, this is going on at least 10 or 11 now. What kenya do, tho?

It wasn't that I did anything special yesterday, but it was just the pure randomness of people going, uh, want to go here randomly? That's why I love living near people who will just randomly do things. It gives me the feeling I used to have in Highschool with a group of friends who had no problem deciding to spontaneously go have a picnic, or do something else fun. *smile* I'm not sure why this makes me so happy, but random things make my life go around.