I had a series of dreams. One was based in high school and I was trying to ask a girl out. This then switched to me being in some world where zombies or something were trying to get to me. I was trying to get away by crossing a busy highway. Several times I should have been hit by a car but was not. I was in a house, which I think was the F's parent's. I had a coat and wanted to put it somewhere so I went to the third floor and looked for empty rooms. Found one and put the coat inside. Went downstairs. Some time passes and I go upstairs to get the coat when I am attacked by some sort of ghost. It put hooks into my hands, but I got away. That's when the dream ends.

The second dream had me in a reunion type setting. I was talking with several people from high school. One person I can remember is HC. We do whatever for a bit and it's time to pay for the evening. I get to the place to pay and chat with some people and pay with a 50 dollar bill. The total was 25 dollars. I get my change when one of the girls asks to see the newspapers I have. I tell them that I am going to scan the death notices. They insist and I show them. A guy named Troy then asks if I wanna go drinking at a bar. I say that it's cheaper to drink at home and he announces that I'll be drinking at a nursing home.