The subject of an old joke:

A man saw a large brass rat in an antique store. He decided to buy it. The store owner informed him that this particular item was non-returnable. "It's been returned twice already, and I don't want to see it again." The man shrugged, paid for the statue and carried it to his car.

As he left the store, he saw a couple rats near the doorway and more near his car but he didn't think much of it. As he was driving home, though, rats came out of the gutters, out of buildings, out of everywhere, all chasing his car. Panicking, the man tossed the brass rat out of the window as he drove over a bridge, over the railing, and down into the river. The army of rats followed the statue into the water.

The man turned and went back to the store. The owner recognized him and said "Now, I told you no returns on that rat." The man replied, "Oh, no problem with that, but I was wondering if you had any brass lawyers."

(Sometimes the punch line of this joke uses "brass politicians" instead.)