A computer game similar to Pac-Man for the TI-99/4A.

Instead of eating dots on this game, you leave a trail of what looks like chains where you have traveled, and only when the entire board has been traversed will there be no open links. However, you still have four power-pill-like things you can eat on each level, which turn the bad guys (called Hoonos in this game - who knows what they are?) edible for a while, and otherwise it's pretty much the same concept as Pac-Man adapted for play on the TI computer.

The levels are all based on the same maze. The length of time the Hoonos are edible cycles every 3 levels, long-medium-short, all 3 lengths gradually growing shorter as the game goes on. The Hoonos have different shapes on each level, until after 20 levels the shapes repeat. The Hoono shapes are all highly animated, using the amazing sprite capabilities of the TI.

The 20th level is a little different from the rest; the maze walls are invisible and instead of laying down chains, you're eating Texas shapes (remember that TI = Texas Instruments). Initially the Texas shapes make the maze visible by their presence, but as you get closer to the end of this level it gets tricky, since you can get lost in the invisible maze.

When I visited my parents last Christmas they made me take or trash some old stuff of mine that was still there, and among this I found the records where I kept track of my high scores. My all-time highest score was 162820 on the 38th level.