Wow, Flashback Alert!

Speaking of non-existent continuity, this reminds me of an argument I had with my brother when we were kids and Knight Rider was on the air. I forget the specifics, but we disagreed on the placement or arrangement of the special buttons on the panel where the Turbo Boost was.

Within a few weeks of summer reruns we each had pointed out evidence in episodes to support our points -- the real answer was that there was no consistent arrangement or list of buttons on that panel. It only had 10 or 12 buttons in two columns, and Turbo Boost was always there, but the others changed, often, even within an episode.

At the start of the next season we started writing down a list of all the buttons we could see on that panel. Without taping episodes and using stop-motion to get every single button shown even for an instant, but just writing down things we caught a clear view of, by the end of the season we had spotted over 30 buttons in that 10-button panel, and at least 15 of them had been used.