Some browsers will use the symbol font to display the HTML 4.0 entities below, but others may show a bunch of α junk, and some may drop the stuff entirely. Also, I've included transliterations as well, taken from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. The ê and ô are supposed to be &emacron; and &omacron; (e and o with a macron) but those aren't supported by some browsers either.

  1. alpha Α, α (a)
  2. beta Β, β (b)
  3. gamma Γ, γ (g,n)
  4. delta Δ, δ (d)
  5. epsilon Ε, ε (e)
  6. zeta Ζ, ζ (z)
  7. eta Η, η (ê)
  8. theta Θ, θ (th)
  9. iota Ι, ι (i)
  10. kappa Κ, κ (k)
  11. lambda Λ, λ (l)
  12. mu Μ, μ (m)
  13. nu Ν, ν (n)
  14. xi Ξ, ξ (x)
  15. omicron Ο, ο (o)
  16. pi Π, π (p)
  17. rho Ρ, ρ (r)
  18. sigma Σ, σ (s)
  19. tau Τ, τ (t)
  20. upsilon Υ, υ (y,u)
  21. phi Φ, φ (ph)
  22. chi Χ, χ (ch)
  23. psi Ψ, ψ (ps)
  24. omega Ω, ω (ô)