Tuxedo Cat

I could see the longing in the little kittens face. Have you ever seen a feral cat clean itself? Rarely I imagine, only because like all living animals caring for ones appearance is a long way down on the ladder of survival. This little kitten was dirty and rough looking. The white of its tuxedo colors appeared to be more of a dingy gray.

I took to carrying cat food in my car; my boys at home get Iams for adult cats. The poor thing would attack the food and I feared I might be hurting him so I tried to put out a little a couple times a day. It started sitting in front of me on my breaks when I went outside telling me with its bright painful yellow eyes how it wished for things that only kitties wish for.

One day I watched as it slowly made its way across the alley behind our office. Here I am safe and well fed up in my second story perch. How horrible it was to exist in such a way as to wonder from day-to-day with so much of your time spent on the first order of survival. I have been hungry, I have been homeless but never did I think I was as sorrowful for such a little life as I was at that second for that little cat.

A tear touched my cheek and I wiped it away quickly. It wouldn't do to let my boss see that and make fun of such a display. Ok it was just one small abandoned kitten; thousands are abandoned every day or worse but in the back of my mind I wished I could make it's life easier. I wished I could take it home and make it fat, lazy and loving like my two boy cats. I wished that it would find an easier way and a gentler life if not with me in some way or with someone.

A week passed and I had noticed that someone had been putting food out in a dish by the back door across the alley. There truly are answers to wishes and desires, wants and prayers. There is such a thing as divine intervention. Too bad we so often pass up the small interventions in our search for the bigger ones.