**sarcasm** The perfect day.**end sarcasm** I got absolutely no real sleep last night. I woke up when all was dark, went into the bathroom, and had a severe dizzy spell. My vision blacked out on me and I nearly threw up. I decided to forego my planned activity and went back to bed. Maybe three hours later I was roused out of my state of light dozing at the ungodly hour of six-o-clock in the morning by my mom. I'd forgotten that today was my counseling appointment.

I tumbled out of bed, bleary-eyed and half dreaming still. As soon as my feet hit my bedroom floor, or, rather, the enormous amount of papers and clothing covering my floor, my stomache gave an ominous lurch. Now feeling fairly certain that I was not, in fact, dreaming about my less-than-100% state of health I stumbled into our kitchen to give my mom the proper excuse and then stumbled back to bed.

Fast forward about three hours.

I woke up from dozing yet again, but this time to the sound of our TV blaring in the living room. My sister had obviously woken up. I turned over and attempted to go back to my light state of sleep but failed to do so. Fairly annoyed now I worked up enough courage to get out of bed and was relieved when my stomache didn't scream at me. Only now my head was throbbing.

I walked into the living room to find that my sister was on the computer reorganizing her endless supply of pointless anime pictures on her desktop. I managed to not scream at her with irritation and walked, or, rather, clumsily tripped, into the kitchen to scrounge up a breakfast of oats drenched in sugar and chocolate syrup.

the remainder of my day, up to this point, has been spent in that same miserable state of being. Only, at least I've got computer access. That alleviates the pain somewhat. I must say, today, so far, has royally sucked ass.