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Activities of a history addict.
Prehistory, history, science, weather and funny words.
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Choctaw-Cherokee-Kalapooya-Brittany French
Born in Eugene, Oregon back in the bad old days of Communist witch hunts. Grew up in south Bay Area of California and went to school with REAL Pachuko kids, ran away to the Haight Ashbury and still proudly wear my freak flag including american indian tattoos.Blog on Maybe here now too.

some of TVC15's Favorite Things
Interests: Of a scholarly disposition. History, the sciences, literature and their relations. Choctaw and Buddhist with an incongruous fascination for origins. Walk and bicycle all over my little town. Missed this years local Pow Wow. ;-(

Music: Bluegrass and old Appalachia songs, African American music of all kinds including Brazilian, European Early Music, Tibetan and central Asian folk music, lots of other Folk music, Industrial Metal, Industrial, Ambient and Pow Wow.

Books & Authors: Tales from the Flat earth by Tanith Lee, pretty much anything by Michael Moorcock, Sherman Alexie, A.A. Attanasio's sci-fi and I'll get back to yaz on this.
Films & Directors: Julie Taymor, Rose Troche, Kimberly Peirce, Martin Scorsese, Michael Apted to name a few.