There is a distinct difference between the terms "Goth" (noun) and "gothic" (adjective), even without me being too anal about it. A person can be referred to as "a Goth", and a dress can be described as being "gothic". I prefer the idea of using adjectives to describe oneself, as the term "gothic" is much less limiting than defining yourself as merely a Goth. That seems very two-dimensional and boring. Now that we have got that settled, I will collate a nifty little assortment of everything gothic, a metanode of sorts.

Gothic books
The classics

Vampire, fantasy, horror, sci-fi novels

Gothic films

Gothic clothing and style
  • anything black obviously (white or any dark colour like deep red are also popular but less common.)
  • silver jewelry
  • pale skin (there are many reasons for this preference; some Goths want that sort of undead look; or they want to embody the Victorian aesthetic that says pale skin is a sign of nobility; or because tanning causes skin cancer. Mostly though, Goths view paleness as prettier than being tan, whether or not they have a definitive reason why.)
  • dyed hair (Black, platinum blonde, red, or purple are very common.)
  • bad makeup: [black and white; white foundation, black lipstick (although most stick to deep reds and plums), black eyeliner
  • thin, plucked eyebrows or shaven eyebrows (drawn on).
  • bondage and fetishwear; leather, PVC, latex, rubber, vinyl and bondage gear, corsets
  • crushed velvet or regular velvet
  • beatnik poet shirts; those white ones with a few ruffles around the cuff, the collar, and the front.
  • chokers, dog collars with spikes, velvet ribbons tied around the neck, etc.
  • pentacles
  • lingerie that shows (garters, teddy, bustier, slip, camisole)
  • capes
  • opera length gloves, either satin or latex (shorter length gloves as well, usually vinyl)
  • crucifixes (Christian symbolism)
  • fishnet stockings
  • black and white horizontal striped stockings like the Wicked Witch of the West
  • chains
  • spikes/studs
  • tattoos and piercings, depending on the person.
  • pointy toed shoes, buckle boots, high heels, combat boots or Doc Martens
  • a leather jacket (often with designs painted on it), black trenchcoat, black vinyl raincoat-looking jacket, or velvet jacket


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