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to drink a lot of pop.
baking pie. plotting cute revenge. dieting, maybe.
good generally conquers evil. unless, of course, good is stupid.
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As a relative newbie I have been recommended many pretty (or really really really good noders). *Pretty* = thoughtful or thought-provoking, picturesque or special. The list thus far is:

dustfromamoth; riverrun; tandex; pukesick; Templeton; Igloowhite; birdonmyshoulder*; prole; radlab0.

Please send me exciting nodes or noders to peruse :)

guess what? (darsi) is my first official E2 enemy, don't you know? and not only that, we are polar opposites, good & evil, light & dark; our names mysteriously fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. Observe:


Creepy indeed?