Tudjaat are Madeleine Allakariallak and Pheobe Atagotaaluk, two Inuit women from Nunavut, Canada who are keeping the ancient tradition of throat singing alive. ''Tudjaat'' got its start when Madelaine, who performed as part of a backup chorus on Susan Aglukark's third CD, was noticed by its producer, Randall Prescott. When he learned that she had a cousin who was also a throat singer, he arranged to have them brought together for a recording session which combined their traditional singing with contemporary Western styling. This short (six tracks) self-titled CD featured ''Kajusita (When My Ship Comes In)'', a song which won its producer the 1997 American Indian Film Institute Awards Best Song award, and was included on a United Nations compilation CD. The song, which describes the forced exile of a group of Inuit to the High Arctic in the last century, is a painful and poignant tribute to those who suffered and died as a consequence of a questionable government decision.

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