Just like the Mediterranean Bear, this animal is endemic, meaning it exists only in one particular location. Here , that would be in Lika and north Dalmatia regions in Croatia. This sick thing looks like a human and can be found only in underground rivers of Croatia. If you actually get to see it in some impossible event, you will encounter a half-foot long super-pale animal that has a head, a tail, a pair of legs and a pair of what seem to be arms (it even has fingers on them!). It is classified as an amphibian, meaning it lays eggs and all that stuff. Horrible.

Thx to Heyoka for providing a Latin name: Proteus anguinus. Now you can search for it on the net and see that it really does exist(TM). NewsFlash! The article on Proteus anguinus actually says the species diversified into 7 different ones accross Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. So the "humanoid fish" I was talking about might be the underground-river sick-white small one, unlike the Proteus anguinus that is slightly reddish and quite long.