Dubrovnik is an ancient city in Croatia. It lies on the very south of Dalmatia, on the coast of Adriatic Sea. It is protected by UNESCO as a monument of invaluable worth to the world.

The whole city is an ancient fortress. Historically, the earliest settlement was in 6th century, enlarged by the arrival of Croats after the destruction of the ancient Epidarium. It soon became a center of trade in Mediterranean, and an independent republic. Its independence remained well until it got integrated into Napoleon's Empire. This was thanks to the wise diplomacy that it did in an Isaac Asimov libertarian-style, as anyone who read The Foundation would notice.

It endured serious damage from the shelling that the Serbian army in Montenegro commited during the war in Croatia in 1990-1993, in direct violation of the UNESCO treaty of the protection of the world monuments. However, by now (year 2000) it has been completely restaurated.

Dubrovnik is according to CNN one of the top ten tourist spots this year (2000).
Apart from ancient buildings, one can attend many interesting raves over there. Besides, Bosnia and Herzegovina is just 10-20 minutes of a car distance away.

The climate is typical Mediterranean; like in Greece, but not so humid.