Zodiac Angels

In occult lore, twelve angels who were assigned to rule over the twelve signs of the zodiac.

In The Book of Secret Things, written in the late Middle Ages by occultist Johannes Trithemius, the signs and their respective governing angels are set forth as follows:

Aries the Ram: Malahidael or Hachidiel
Taurus the Bull: Asmodel
Gemini the Twins: Ambriel
Cancer the Crab: Muriel
Leo the Lion: Verchiel
<Virgo the Virgin: Hamaliel Libra the Scales: Uriel or Zuriel
Scorpio the Scorpion: Barbiel
Sagittarious the Archer: Advachiel or Adnachiel
Capricorn the Goat: Hanael
Aquarius the Water-Carrier: Cambiel or Gabriel
Pisces the Fishes: Barchiel

The association of angels with the zodiac probably is borrowed from similar associations of governing deities with the signs made by the Chaldeans or Babylonians, who formalized the zodiac c. 3000 B.C.E. Francis Barrett, a noted English occultist of the 19th century, drew a connection between the angels of the zodiac and the twelve angels mentioned in the Book of REVELATION. In John Patmos's vision of the holy city of New Jerusalem, descending from the heavens, there is a high wall with twelve gates, each of which is guarded by an unnamed angel.

In ceremonial magic, the names of zodiac angels are invoked in rituals pertaining to astrological influences. The angels are petitioned for help in effecting spells and enchantments.

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