You are in a big suit. There is a shack nearby.

You think to yourself, how did I get here?

You see a large automobile. You see a beautiful woman. You see a beautiful house. They are all unmoving too.

You find days passing by, but still you stand there completely still. You see the surface of the water above. You see dirt above that. You wonder how you can stand there underground and under water, with a car and a woman and a house. How does it work? How do you breathe? These are not your things!

You stand there, day after day, same as it ever was. You become aware of a current in the water. Water is flowing at your feet, but the water at your head stays still. The woman moves. She locks the door to the house then gets in the car and drives away down the road. The house? What is the house, why lock it? Where does that road go to? Why are you here, standing, unmoving? My God! What have you done to deserve this, and were you right or wrong to do whatever it was?

Nothing moves, including you. There is no time. There is no life or job or people or money. Same as it ever was. You let the days go by.


Halloween 2018

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