From the primate family Hylobatidae;it’s scientific name is Hylobates lar. These Gibbons live in the forests of Asia, and are becoming extinct due to deforestation. The white handed gibbons’ diets consists mainly of fruit, and some leaves. They are arboreal and quadrupedal, moving through the trees by brachiating (swinging). When they do travel on the ground, they walk on two legs. The social grouping of the white handed gibbon consists of monogamous families (father, mother, and children). Gibbons choose a mate for life. Distinct physical characteristics of the gibbons are they have long arms and fingers for swinging through the trees. Males and females tend to have the same small body size, and do not have prehensile tails (tails that grip). They have stereoscopic color vision, and have nails just like humans.

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