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mission drive within everything
Look at everything as if it had 5 different sides to it, one side at a time, understand all sides perfectly make better what you can, get help with what you can't, never have a dull moment, and always learn as much as you can, then move on: but never foget what you learned and use it for later problems
Science, History, Music, figuring out how to make the most with what i have to work with, and helping people.
High School
When it comes down to it, it's all about who you know or what you look like.
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First off I'm just a normal teenager, I have ups, downs, and times when i'm just plain out tired of life as a whole.

I don't always write peoms or storys, or anything really.
Some days i just need a place to vent
other times i have a peom or something.

Most of which are of no importance to you. If i'm lucky one person will take my life and writings and look at them and realize maybe i'm not just a girl who seems to crease under pressure.

A little about me:
I'm a full time student.
I am very emotional.
I'm very opinionated.
I am always wanting proof of how things are.
I'm and will always be my own person.